Being a warm and caring children's home, ForeverCare is a superb place for children and young people (YP) to come to and thrive. They can build their social skills and make friends as they progress through their personal and assigned goals.

In their free time, they can use the exciting recreational spaces for playing pool, table

tennis, table football and board games not to mention using the facilities outside of the

home which ForeverCare accesses such as the gym, learning to drive, cinemas, etc.

YP also have their private, lockable bedrooms which they can retreat to when they are in 

need of some alone time. Here they have a neutrally decorated, double bedroom which

can be personalised to their taste if they wish. YP are also provided a TV for their room.

The staff here can work specifically with one young person or can care and support a group 

depending on the needs in the home at the time.

We provide:

-modern, double bedrooms

-individual toilets and showers

-substantial kitchen area

-social dining area

-complete recreational area

-outdoor dining area

-bath on each floor

Capacity: 6

YPs Room
Shower Room 2
Shower Room